LA RIVE Perfums

LA RIVE is one of the leading producers of perfumes and perfumed waters in Europe. Together with the best global perfumers, they create unique fragrance compositions that are packed in their European factories.


Creating perfumes is an art in which every detail counts – that’s why LA RIVE design bottles, caps and packaging for their products. Patented forms and modern design ensure product uniqueness. Their quality confirms the recognition of clients in over 50 countries on five continents.


Quality is the most important value for LA RIVE. The standards according to which they work meet national and international standards and have obtained the certification of quality management systems, including ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP PN-EN ISO 22716: 2009.


Portfolio LA RIVE S.A. includes perfumes, perfumed waters, toilet and cologne, perfumed deodorants, and shower gels and perfumed shaving oils. All products are available in dedicated LA RIVE collections for women, men and children’s products.

They draw inspiration from the latest trends in the world of perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, and design. 

What makes LA RIVE unique?

  • Each product is a comprehensive idea implemented according to the ISO 9001-2015 and GMP PN-EN ISO 22716:2009

  • Their modern factory, equipped with the highest quality technologies that meet European standards

  • Fragrance compositions created in cooperation with well-known French companies, drawing on the experience of the best perfumers

  • Fragrances are produced according to the traditional methods and full length of the maceration process

  • Distinctive product design – bottles, caps, and packaging made according to LA RIVE’s original design projects are manufactured according to patented forms

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